Welcome to
Sawtooth Flying Service!

Backcountry Aviation & Scenic Flights or Fly City-to-City

Serving McCall, Idaho and Stanley, Idaho

Sawtooth Flying Service is a family run business with a love of Aviation, Idaho’s people, wildlife and the breath-taking backcountry wilderness.  We are an air taxi and air charter service based year-round in McCall, Idaho and the Summers in Stanley, Idaho.

Travel throughout Idaho and the Northwest on your own schedule with Sawtooth Flying Service. You can even avail our personal air taxi service should you want a private charter.  We are the premier company when it comes to backcountry charters.

Sit back and enjoy the trip as you fly the backcountry for hiking, fishing, and hunting. Or you can go to the extreme with river rafting or flying in to visit one of Idaho’s many wilderness resorts.

We are the air-delivery specialists of Idaho’s backcountry. We have safely flown anything that can be flown such as: farm tractors, lumber, refrigerators, and concrete, anything to do with the wilderness resorts or mountain ranches – even chickens!

Our Pilots have had many Years Flying
in all Types of Aircraft, Weather and Situations

We Fly:

  • hunters
  • fisherman
  • hikers
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • campers
  • river runners
  • heavy loads in and out of small strips.
  • We have flown for animal studies
  • aerial recon on forest fires
  • live (sedated) Mountain Lions and Grey Wolves

We have flown for:

  • the US Forest service
  • Idaho Fish and Game
  • the Bureau of Land Management
  • emergency response on request
  • the US mail

Come fly with us and enjoy scenic flights to the backcountry!