Backcountry Airstrips on Google Maps

Below are a few of the airstrips Sawtooth Flying Service uses

Ever wonder what it’s like flying into backcountry airstrips?
Check out our video to see for yourself!

Cabin Creek-US Forest Service Airstrip
Big Creek Ranger Station, ID

Big Creek Idaho

Bernard USFS

Mackay Bar Airstrip

Warren USFS Airport

Weatherby USFS Airstrip

Upper Loon Creek Airstrip

Lower Loon Creek Airstrip

Shearer USFS Airstrip

Priest Lake USFS Airstrip

Mahoney Creek USFS Airstrip

Landmark USFS Airstrip

Indian Creek

Johnson Creek Airport

Idaho City USFS Airport

Soldier Bar-US Forest Service Airport

Dewey Moore Airstrip

Vines Airport