Our Pilots

Our Pilots have had many Years Flying in all Types of Aircraft, Weather and Situations



Also a skier, Mike retired after 4 years from racing with the US Ski Team in the mid 1970’s. During those years, Mike also raced in the World Pro Cups, followed by ski coaching. He learned to fly in McCall from his father and Idaho Hall of Fame Pilot Bill Dorris, in the mid 1970’s. In the fall of 1976, they started their first business McCall Air Taxi. Bill helped him run and operate the business until his death in 2000. Mike kept the business growing until he sold it in 2002. Mike stayed on as Operations Director for the new company management, as well as a stint crop dusting until 2008, when he purchased SAWTOOTH FLYING SERVICE, which he currently owns and operates with his wife Leslee.

Things we’ve done with aircraft not only include flying families to and from Idaho main airport hubs for vacationing, but also include fish planting in high mountain lakes, fish tracking, sheep, bear, wolf and wolverine tracking studies.


Mike started his long flying career in 1963 with Safari Air Services in Kenya, East Africa. With over 50 years of experience flying everything from small Cubs to Multi-engine wide-body jets as well as turbine and piston engine aircraft worldwide, Mike Lorenzi possesses Airline Transport Rating, and numerous foreign licenses. He started flying Idaho backcountry in the late1980’s


After retiring from the US Ski Team until 1982, Bill pursued his love for flying and obtained his Commercial and flight Instructor’s rating, where he has since been flying the Idaho backcountry. Bill also currently has a Float plane instructor rating which he teaches part time in Maine, where he spends his winters with his family


  • Obtained his private and commercial pilot rating in the early 1970’s.
  • Learned to fly from his father, Idaho Hall of Fame Pilot Bill Dorris.
  • Has had 24 Years with US Air force flying and Instructing in KC1355 Mid-air refuelers.
  • Currently holds an Airline Transport & Flight Instructor rating, and is also a licensed aircraft mechanic.


  • 20 years with US Air force flying F4’s in Alaska, California and Europe.
  • Additional background as a Maintenance Officer and Avionics Technician.
  • Flying Idaho’s backcountry as a Commercial Pilot since mid-1980.
  • Holds an Airline Transport and Flight Instructor rating.